A Motown Miss

from by Steph LaMarre



Please don't take this too seriously folks...In execution, this song is intended to pay homage to late 80's hip-hop ala Slick Rick, as well as old Motown records. The background and closing vocalizations were added to fully realize the concept and add to the light-heartedness of the song.

Featured on the cover are the "two tickets" referenced in the song.


Chorus (4x):

I'm not really sure if this song will be a hit/
About a boy who had this crush on this Motown Miss/

Verse 1:

Middle of the fall, I met the first day of spring/
A love lyric that I heard but I never thought I'd meet/
A five-foot beauty from the Motor City/
I wanna call her mine, but I'll call her (edit)/
The way she asked me to as I held her hand in my palm/
This handshake feels like the right start to a song/
About two A&T freshmen, later Aggie sweethearts/
She puts me at ease and I'm eager to start/
Headed to the café, I figure that its too soon/
To ask her to join me, that might ruin the tune/
I'll just play it cool, get friendly, then I'll flirt/
There's no rush, Steph, I got four years to make this work/
Watch it bloom slowly, be patient as it grows
When I finally approach, she won't say no/
Right across the hall, I'll see her plenty more/
I'll enjoy the drizzle now, and later I'll let it pour/

Chorus (4x):
Cause I'm not yet sure if this song will be a hit/
About a boy who has this crush on this Motown Miss/

Verse 2:

(Edit) came back with more to love after the summer/
Her new hips have me dreaming of a one-hit wonder/
She's better than that, so I still plan to write a classic/
With the woman the Temptations used to imagine/
But every time I see her and I try to approach/
The words get stuck in the back of my throat/
A college sophomore with a schoolyard crush/
Where even small talk feels like I've said too much/
Since "hey" is all I ever say when I see her face/
I already knew buying these tickets was a waste/
The umpteenth time I've lied, saying that I'd knock/
Hand by the peephole, I always let it drop/
Three semesters passed, this one ends in two weeks/
More time wasted by Steph being too meek/
One day I'll stop shaking and my voice won't crack/
There's always next year or the year after that.../

Cause I wasn't really sure if this song could be a hit/
About a boy who had this crush on this Motown Miss/

Verse 3:

We're in our caps and gowns and I'm finally awake/
Thinking back on all of the chances I didn't take/
To pen the greatest Motown love ever written/
It's graduation day, too late to tell her I'm smitten/
She could've said no, but she might have said yes/
It could have worked out for us, but now I regret/
A platinum love that could've been a jam in traffic/
Is just a song about an A&T love that didn't happen/


from The Little Motown EP, track released July 3, 2014
Produced, arranged, and mixed by Steph LaMarre.



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Steph LaMarre Greensboro, North Carolina

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